Yoga Wheel Bag Jeans GRASSLAND

Yoga Wheel Bag Jeans GRASSLAND



The perfect bag to wear a yoga wheel and pack everything you need for yoga classes. Wheel bag made of waterproof and durable fabric. Provides convenience and comfort of use.


We are looking far and the inspiration is very close. Green meadow, which will always be associated with the Polish countryside, reading. Harvesting in the cereals, soft soil and rough straws. Often with anxiety when winter comes.


Yoga Wheel Bags sewn in Poland from materials exclusively of Polish descent. I offer you the highest quality product due to the fact that I watch over every detail of the performance.

The Qualities of  Yoga Wheel Bag:

  • High quality waterproof material that provides protection against rain, snow and strong sun
  • Bold colors and golden logos. which makes this sack unique
  • Height adjusted to the size of the yoga circle
  • Label in the middle of the design by Renia.

I can offer you the opportunity to make a bag of designs that you like the most. In addition, you can choose the option of a two-sided bag and with a zip pocket in the middle.

Dodatkowe informacje

Wymiary 47 x 50 cm


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