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Thank you for your guidance and helping me become the teacher I always wanted to be.

She came into Ashtanga Yoga with a strong body in Iyengar. Yoga and martial arts. Reniastudied with Sharath R. Sharath Jois (India) 2015, Prem & Heather RadhaCarlisi (Bali) 2016, Isa Wong (Portugal) 2014, Edi Stern (U.S.A) 2014, Iain Grysak (Bali)2016,Bobbi Misti (U.S.A) 2013, Simon Borg (Austalia) 2017. Santina Gardina-Chard(Australia). She is grateful for the teaching of K.Pattabhi Jois. Their constant motivation isher perfect practice. Currently, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher is the creator of Ashtanga YogaTeacher. Ashtanga Yoga has influenced and changed her practice, moreover, has awonderful gift of yoga. Because of her power and inspiration she has chosen to share it.Let it be yours as well.Get inspired by Renia: