Nothing is only white or only black, nothing is permanent. We go continuous physical changes, our mind evolves, our character is changing and our internal organs as well. Building strength is just as important as the ability to let something go. For that practice of yin was made., we do not even strive for the benefits will come by itself.

The practice of yoga jin transforms your yoga experience but also your whole life, activating your body, spirit and mind in a different way than before. Theoretically yoga positions yin working to change consistence of tissue, release tension and globally and locally or change aferentencji within various types of nerve fibers. Fascia is the extracellular matrix in our body, which separates and connects everything together. Anatomists call it the “glue”. Connective tissue forms a system of slipping, but when it solidifies is not stretched and soft, formed some kind of injury, and muscle and tissue are formed adhesions.

Working in positions yin wonder what really happens to our joints, breath and mind, often realize the combination of our organs and emotions.

During the life we ​​expose our body to constant strain, if these processes will accumulate to lead to disorder. What at such a time your body wants to tell you? Do you ever wonder what the consequences may cause stress in your body, focus on the race and a lot of exercise yang? Exercises under the uniform traffic can cause dysfunction in the form of increased muscle tension (or trigger points), build strong and big muscles, but too charged to the joints, muscles become weak antagonistic. Analyze the anatomy and physiology of your body, think about what range of emotions emanate your body. Consider what is the ultimate goal of your yoga practice? In each of our lives exactly what I wanted the moment that yoga becomes more than just stretching, yoga practice yin further highlights the slogan that we must live in harmony with our body, discarding the suppression of emotions, giving him a share based on the appropriate value.

During yin yoga session you can closely observe your body’s imperfections, are trying to understand and accept. Some of us cope by hiding the pain in yoga yin mask falls, and our nature shows its true face.Somebody deal with hiding their fears or netting disorders that cause. But how much longer we can fool ourselves? In everyone’s life there comes a time in which the mask falls. Allow yourself to integrate multiple systems of your body, select the right way.