It is a kind manual therapy, which involves helping people, usually in treating pain of various parts of the body, but increasingly also plays a role in regulating emotions. You have to understand and know exactly what you feel, and Thai massage teaches mindfulness, allowing you to identify the emotions that you are experiencing. This type of deep tissue massage combining acumpressure and elements of yoga. Massage increases the rotation of the joints and provokes action trigger points of the active and latent. Along with an increased range in your body takes to provide oxygenation blood, tissue and muscle recovery. This specific method is not focused solely on the pressure of thumbs, rather Applicant natural movement, which renews and stimulates the potential inside the body. Just as in the method of vinyasa, also every breath is subordinated to the movement. 


Meditation aspect`s of massage involves both the masseur and the person receiving the touch. Thai massage is often referred to as Yoga for lazy people, by acting on the body exterior, and following the specific lines of sen stimulates the subtle body, give him power, peace and relaxation. Acumpressure, acupuncture massage stones or herbal stamps is a useful method to get rid of blockages in the body, often resulting from physical stres. Theory behind Thai massage is 10 energy lines that pass through the body. The masseur working on them can provide you with interesting experiences.


The causes of diseases and conditions of the muscularskeletal system does not always lie in the area, which currently suffers from pain. However, you can care of your body, eliminating the painful consequences. To understand the intimate relationships flowing from our body language and physical transformation through which constantly go, Will not a therapist or massage therapist who will help him understand the cause physical discomfort. It is therefore important to find such a trusted person. In my practice, I follow on the traditional art of Thai massage, which I studied in the north of Thailand. Once practiced only among the monks, today also passed in Thai temples regardless of their origin and gender. I am happy when people I massaged can learn more about your health and your body feel better. Our first and the subcontinent’s main goal should be to make every effort to get to know themselves.



There are ten power lines in Thai massage, sip sleep. If you think that these lines are a temptation of temptation, do not worry, you do not have to believe in them. These lines are equivalents of nadis in yoga and are carriers of energy.
According to the philosophy of yoga, our life energy is prana, which is provided by the food and air we breathe. These lines are invisible and are difficult to define anatomically. Our subtle body has 72,000 such energy lines, while Thai massage uses ten in the course of therapy.
It is said that there are clear points of contact between sip sen and Chinese acupressure system, acupuncture, Japanese Shiatsu method. Some practicing roots of these lines look for Indian philosophy, which was brought to China by Bodhidharma, who established Zen in China. The first three energy lines Sen Sumana, Sen Ittha and Sen Pingkhal, ne only linguistically refer to Sushumna Nadi, Ida Nadi and Pingala Nadi. For those who still do not feel that power lines are important, just press them to find out that they are extremely painful.