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The Principle of a Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Class

O yogi, do not do asana without vinyasa. Mysore is the name of the city in India, where Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, the founders of modern Ashtanga Yoga, lived. When, the first student came to Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois in 1970`, the yoga class was a bit different from the way which students get used to pract...


The Heart of Thai Massage

When someone asks me what is Thai massage I answer: „This is the best massage I have ever had in my life”. It is a type of manual therapy for helping people, usually in painful areas of their bodies, but also increasingly plays a role in regulating emotions. My teacher from the North of Thailand has...


Achieving more by doing less

How it actually is? Nowadays we have so many things to do. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down and set aside ours priorities to become a pure expression of who we are. During Yin Yoga class is caught on letting everything gone. But understand “non-doing” is not like “doing nothing” but rather ali...


Mechanism of Adjustments

Mysor Room, your student performs an asana, you correct it giving a verbal command, but after a while you can start wondering „what’s the next step”?? It is often believed that verbal corrections are sufficient: foot shifting, hips alignment, pressing palms, but what if there is no longer anyt...

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