Achieving more by doing less


How it actually is?

Nowadays we have so many things to do. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down and set aside ours priorities to become a pure expression of who we are.

During Yin Yoga class is caught on letting everything gone. But understand “non-doing” is not like “doing nothing” but rather aligning our movement with the greater flow of each asana. Sometimes this kind of thinking or moving is referred as “natural action” or “going with the flow of yin energy”.

It could be even seen as moving with the energy of the movement, and accept what whatever asana arises. There is no better moment and no better situation to connect with this aspect of ourselves than in the slow motion meditative yoga class.

During regular life style people might intuitively interpret “non-doing” as something passive, for example laying or being lazy, which has very negative message. Nevertheless in the eyes of Yin Yoga it is acceptable to have time for action, but if we the action is no needed, we can only damage ourselves and create only new injures. To be more precise diligence could bring more misfortune then good things.

During Yin Yoga Class we must to let go of how the posture is supposed to look. Sometimes we think too much about the efforts to fulfill by the posture and get the outcomes, at the expense of forgetting about the other possibilities. When we find ourselves struggling, it is because we have a ready made idea of how things are supposed to be, according to our individual expectations. We should allow ourselves to being alignment by the asanas in the way we have never imagined.

Struggling is the result of our desires of how things should be look like and the imaginary plan. Opening ourselves to how it actually is, we can be accessible to true progress to find us. It is nothing wrong of intentionally plan but we need also to understand that we cannot predict everything and endless expected outcome shuts us off from seeing what other possibilities may be waiting to achieve.



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