Renia a philosopher by profession, artist by vocation, a yoga teacher by belief. Her fascinantion with ashtanga yoga and eastern philosophies is the result of her earlier interests. She graduated from a university in Poland with a master’s degree in philosophy. Her diploma focused praticulary on issues related to the transformation of the inner human and persistent search for wisdom on the foundation on Hindu tradition. The details of her study included learning the Sanskrit language, the theory and psychological aspect of the Pantanjali`s sutras and Hadot’s conception of ancient philosophy, which treated philosophy as a way of life or even a set of spiritual practice. She found herself very much in sympathy with Greek and Roman point of view which was supposed to provide an answer to a crucial question about the purpose of our life. The conclusion of her study was that philosophy may turn out to be an inescapable part of the best way of the life today.


After graduation Renia continued studies in spiritual path and became a yoga teacher. It did not take her a long time to realise how rewarding it can be to help people fulfill their dream of improving themselves. She came into Ashtanga yoga with a strong background in Iyengar yoga and martial arts which she had been doing for many years. She is able to create an interdisciplinary education pulling from different fields of study to explore human system, the physical body, the breath, the mind, and emotions. She loves to work on functional strength, which for her is one of the most attractive features, but still her main speciality is Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Apart from the different fields which she is engaged in, she does her own practice 6 days a week. She has practised under the supervision of many top international yoga teachers. She is grateful for their teaching, which revealed to her the magnitude and depth of yoga and the revolutionary accomplishment of Pattabhi Joise. Their constant encouragment gives her constant motivation and strength to perfect her yoga practice.


Currently she combines the difficult art of being a creative artist with fascination in painting and doing yoga which is a big challenge and joy at the same time.The details of her yoga studies included learning the psychological side of translating emotions through the body by using asanas, listening humbly to body and mind, working with them instead of against. She stands out with her unique outlook on asanas, movement style, and capabilities as a highly skilled creator. Moreover, she tries to apply exercises to the actual conditions of life nowadays. Following the wisdom maxim which says: Before you help others you must first help yourself. Inspired her students both on and off the yoga mat just for sharing the joy of giving people what she has been doing herself. Ashtanga has influenced and changed her practice and has deppened her appreciation of the unique challenge and wonderful gift of yoga. Because of her power and inspiration she has chosen to share it . Let it be yours as well.


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